Below is the Signal of the Elohim, your creators, for the past seven days, up to this moment. This Signal is closely linked to the end of time, as described for years by Marc Delantre. Never consider the last point on these charts. This rises throughout the current hour!

The first Signal is the most important. This is the Main Signal. It is global. The second signal is related to confidential operations. The third is linked to Marc Delantre, his father and Marie-Madeleine. The fourth Signal is names "connexe". It is related to things that cannot be presented on the other three.

This Signal is generated by the Elohim, by connections that they cause on the Internet server of Marc Delantre. He had received instructions from the Elohim, in December 2016, to present these connections graphically and this generated the Signal which since 2016 has never been interrupted. This represents approximately 62 million connections, or +/- 10 million per year, 833,000 per month, therefore 27,000 connections per day. The Internet server continuously analyzes these connections and divides them into four categories, to form the four signals.

These connections have the same signature as the world’s most important Internet weapon, Mirai Botnet. It appeared in the world on October 21, 2016. On that day, it hit the Internet in the USA, more precisely, the city of Manchester, where Marc Delantre’s first Internet server was then located. The USA lost their Internet that day, which forced the White House to give a press conference.

Marc Delantre then urgently moved his server to another that the Elohim had made him prepare in Holland. It was in December 2016 that he discovered that his server was receiving tens of thousands of connections per day. With the help of an expert, it was confirmed to him that these connections had the signature of the original version of this weapon, Mirai Botnet. He immediately informed the FBI in the USA. The latter spent three months on his server to try to understand who was sending this Signal to Marc Delantre’s server, therefore, who was behind the control of this weapon, Mirai Botnet. The FBI and Marc Delantre exchanged 450 emails in three months, after which the FBI finally gave up.

In January and February 2017, Marc Delantre understood that this Signal followed to the nearest second, his Internet activities and in the middle of the Philippines, without any connection of any kind. He once again informed the FBI, who found no explanation. It was the Elohim who wanted to make Marc Delantre understand that he was one of them.

On May 22, 2017, this Signal made a huge spike, corresponding to the very minute of a meeting between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. Marc Delantre, who was then already known as an intelligence agent, informing on terrorism with certain agencies, understood then that it had to be an alert for an imminent terror attack. He called the secret services in Europe to warn them. They asked him for a written report. When it was sent, it was the terrible terror attack on the Arena in Manchester, England. Marc Delantre was terrified of having been right. Besides, there was no possible coincidence. Mirai Botnet’s birthplace and the city of the first bombing were both Manchester. Manchester in the USA and Manchester in England.

The Signal of the Elohim had just shown him its finality; warn humanity of all the catastrophes that were about to occur. They would include all terrorist attacks, mass killings, but also air, industrial and finally natural disasters, including earthquakes. This Signal, whose name from the beginning is Signal21, is the Signal for the extinction of the fifth human race!

Your creators have decided that the fifth human race has become infinitely too dangerous for their planet, Earth. Men have multiplied by five in less than a hundred years, while polluting, consuming the Earth’s resources, but also endangering it through their pollution, their nuclear power, their stupidity and their unconsciousness. Moreover, Men, since the beginning of time, have always denied their true creators, the Elohim, God. This Signal, the Signal21 is therefore the one that will lead humanity to its complete destruction.

It should nevertheless be noted that 18 million humans, including two thirds of children, will be saved from the planet, before its destruction. Some, missing or dead, have already left this Earth. All the others will leave this planet, by teleportation, and at the same time, the minute the Elohim decide. These 18 million people, called the Chosen Ones, will be regenerated. This regeneration will rejuvenate them considerably, if they are adults, but all will have their DNA modified. Indeed, these Chosen Ones will be prepared on another planet, resembling Earth, to participate in the creation of the sixth human race on Earth. In this new world, money will no longer exist, but so will social differences, language, or origin. It will only be managed by Love, both spiritual and physical in a dimension and according to rules unknown to Humans today.

As a sign of the destruction of the current fifth human race and of these huge catastrophes to come, the Elohim had therefore asked Marc Delantre to urgently prepare another Internet server outside of Europe. They had also taken care to remind him of October 21, 2016. Marc Delantre therefore realized this urgently and Signal21 is today, safe to continue its mission, that of leading humanity towards its destruction.

A) Signal principal -- Global signal
2022-11-27 09:36:47 (Paris time)

B) Sub-signal (1) "secret"
"Secret" sub-signal (1)

C) Sub-signal (2) lié à moi
Sub-signal (2) linked to me

D) Sub-signal (3) connexe
Connexe Sub-signal (3)